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Park Rules and Regulations

New Hartford, CT Park Rules


  1. Park hours are Sunrise to Sunset unless authorized by Recreation Department/Commission.
  2. The parks are open to the Public. A sticker and/or walk-in pass is required for access to the beach per current fee schedule.
  3. Beach guests must be accompanied by a Beach Pass Holder.
  4. Buildings are available for organized use upon written request or when open for public access.
  5. During approved organized use of a park, areas set aside for a function is off limits to everyone with the exception of participants or proper authorities.
  6. Swimming will be allowed in designated areas only. Specific regulations concerning swimming will be posted in the appropriate area.
  7. Picnicking, fishing, BBQ/grilling, games and other non-supervised activities are welcome in designated areas. However, all guests are responsible for their own safety.
  8. Athletic facilities (tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, skate park) are available on a first come first serve basis. Users must take care of the area.
  9. Boat launching and or beaching is permitted only in designated areas.
  10. Pets shall be allowed in the parks but only in non-prohibited areas, and only while on a leash. Prohibited areas are determined and defined by the Recreation Commission. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  11. Parking is allowed only in designated areas. Special parking areas are subject to Recreation Department/Commission authorization.
  12. Use of electronic noise producing equipment must be maintained at levels that do not interfere with other users of the park and neighbors. If specific equipment is necessary for function activities, authorization of the Recreation Commission is needed.
  13. Unauthorized overnight camping is prohibited.
  14. Hunting and trapping are prohibited in all areas.
  15. Everyone must use designated entrances.
  16. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless otherwise authorized by the Recreation Department/Commission.
  17. Use of unregistered motorized vehicles, including but not limited to ATVs, snowmobiles, and any other off-road type vehicles are prohibited.
  18. Anyone wishing to hold group activities must notify and receive authorization from the Recreation Commission and /or Recreation Director. Forms will be provided to help the group organizer communicate the scope of the event to ensure proper consideration can be given by the Recreation Commission/Director.
  19. Infractions of the regulations may result in the loss of privileges.
  20. Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult, unless part of an activity or an organization group.
  21. Open fires are prohibited unless authorized.
  22. All park usage must be in conformity with all other boards, commissions, and regulations as applicable.